A Little Introduction


I knew the first post was going to be hard but I have been sat for over an hour now with writers block. I dare not treat myself to a coffee until I have written at least a paragraph. All the helpful internet hints tell you to lure your reader in with a catchy opening lines and a nail bitingly insightful first sentences but that’s easier said than done.

I think I will start with the easy bit: a face to the blog. Meet my bearded hubby Robert, I’m the pointy chinned dame to his left and that’s our little Prince Sonny-George taking centre stage as usual. The blog will be written from both our perspectives but do expect more from me (Emma) as I seem to have more time on my hands these days.


Starting a blog is something that has been sitting on my to-do list for too long. I seem to have lacked the confidence to be part of the blogging community finding excuses to put it off.

I envy the consistency and routine that some bloggers seem to have inbuilt in them but I have realised that I need to stop focusing on the strengths of other people and have some faith in my own abilities.

The motivation behind our blog is based on a change we decided to embrace as a family.

The light that came with 2016 was a relief to us since the previous few months had seen us in some dark spots. We decided that we needed to make some changes and the transition to Veganism was a decision we made as a family. (Sonny didn’t have much input except sampling vegan chocolate which was given the thumbs up).

Now here is the point where you may want to stop reading as you may think you know where this is going. But hold on there. Were not here to preach and prance about exclaiming our vegan superiority. We just want to be a window into the challenges that can be faced by any family trying to lead a modern but balanced existence and hopefully gain some helpful hints along the way and maybe even meet some like-minded (virtual) friends or followers if we’re lucky.

Robert —

If you are still reading and interested in this journey of ours then I will take this as a chance to add a little context for you all. We are newly-weds, parents and both work in excess of 40 hours per week. We are working class in the true sense of the term.

We are of course real people too and have a host of hobbies and interests but these will be discovered along the way.

I am trying to get across here is that as a family we are BUSY, we do not sit still (unless of course it is Game of Thrones eve). We are constantly trying to keep our routines dynamic and expose Sonny to new things and build experiences and memories as a family.

We often fail but constantly try.

From my perspective this is all about balance. We try to use a balanced attitude in everything we do and the modern industrialised food business is no longer that.


Since the beginning of the year we have been reading blogs religiously to gain insight into other peoples experiences of transitioning to Veganism. This has given us the inspiration to start our own and share our experiences.

Our ‘little introduction’ isn’t so little any more and so I will leave you with a little taster (not literally) of one of our favourite vegan creations.

The last 6 months have been a roller-coaster of soups, nuts and beans but we have finally mastered some delicious recipes that we simply re-use every week. Although I use the phrase ‘mastered’ we are far from that in the literal sense, I just mean we have a few staple recipes that are easy and we know we love.


This is our home-made vegan pizza. A family fave and so easy. We have had an off and on relationship with vegan cheese and still can’t decide whether we are fully swayed but trying the different options has been fun. The dough is simple and has an added bonus of keeping Sonny entertained for a while too with the rolling, patting and cutting. Our toppings are always a random mix of ingredients we have lying around but this is the best way to discovering new favourites. We went as far as using capers as a topping last week but I must say we weren’t huge fans.

We do enjoy simple tastes.

We hope to keep you updated on a regular basis. I must pre-warn you I will go off on blogging tangents keeping you updated of our adventures so although it may not always be food related we will try to keep this the primary focus.

Enjoy 😉